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Thule Chariot Carriers

Bike, Stroll, Jog, Hike, Ski with Thule Chariot Carriers

Getting Started:

Calling a Thule Chariot just a bike child trailer sells it short. Thule Chariots are really great at transporting children in five different ways: cycling (of course), but also strolling, jogging, cross-country skiing and hiking kit.

So we refer to them as carriers -- a catch-all term.

Thule Chariots are entirely dedicated to the outdoor transportation for children. Every product reveals extremely high levels of attention to detail. It is almost silly how many specialty accessories Thule Chariot has designed for getting the most out of their trailers. But when you consider that the Thule Chariot can be used for so many purposes, it certainly makes sense to have accessories to make the Chariot perfect for every need.

Thule Chariot trailers, er, carriers also hold their value. When children have outgrown a Thule Chariot, many parents discover their used Thule Chariot has depreciated less than the price of an inexpensive bike child trailer with fewer features.

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